Don’t you just hate stretch marks?

Who likes stretch marks? Nobody does! They are resented by everyone as they look like the stitches of Frankenstein and make you feel so much less pretty than you actually are. Stretch marks usually appear when the body loses or gains weight too rapidly that the skin does not have time to shrink/grow in proportion with body mass. Therefore either the skin is stretched too much or starts sagging leaving way for those nasty lines on your perfect body.

However there are ways to get rid of stretch marks and the most simple thing that you can do is apply some cream like cocoa butter where you’re getting them. If have you severe problem of stretch marks, then you can go for laser surgery but that is not something which is 100% guaranteed and it comes at an expensive price.

How to get rid a small bump on eyelid?

Small bumps on the eyelid are normally styes. A stye is like a pimple that can appear red and swollen and it is basically an inflamed oil gland on the edge of your eyelid. It is caused by bacteria on the skin that get into the hair follicle of the eyelash.

To get rid of the stye (small eye bump), apply warm compresses for 10 mins, 4 times a day. The stye should disappear within 2 days.

To avoid styes always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the skin around your eye!

Are crisps any good to our health?

Many people like eating crisps – whether at work, school, having a picnic, on the bus or anywhere else. These very handy snacks are very tasty to the mouth and soothing for the hungry stomach. But how good are they really to our overall health?

The British Heart Foundation has found that eating a packet of crisps a day is almost equivalent to pouring 5 litres of cooking oil down your throat every year. Now if that figure doesnt shock you, i dont know what will then?

So if you’re looking to lose weight, beware of those nice little snacks called crisps as they can be adding back again those calories that you spent so hard in the gym to lose!