Tere Dard Se Dil Aabaad Raha English Translation

This is a lovely song from the movie Deewana starring Divya Bharti, Shah Rukh Khan and Rishi Kapoor.


Tere dard se dil aabaad raha
From your pain, my heart was prosperous/affluent
Kuch bhool gaye, Kuch yaad raha
I forgot some, remembered some
Naseeba bhi kya rang laya
Faith/luck too, has brought its different colours
Kaha laake hum ko milaya
Where has it brought us to meet
Apni wafaa ke gul khil na paaye
The flowers of our trust did not flourish
Milke bhi tujhse hum mil na paye
Even after meeting you, we didn’t really meet
Darde dil hum kaise sahen
How can I stand this heartache
Door bhi hum kaise rahen
How can I stay far away too
Tera gham tere jaane ke baad raha
Your sorrow was there after you left
Kuch bhool gaye, kuch yaad raha
I forgot some, remembered some
Jaane wafa tujhko kya de
My life, my faith, what can I give you
Dil Keh raha hai dua de
Heart tells me to give blessings
Armaan bujhe hain sapne duaan sa
Desires are extinguished, dreams are broken
Mar mar ke hum to zinda yaha hai
I am still here alive after dying over and over
Bekhudi main hum ko gaye
I had lost all conscious/senses
Phir juda tujhse ho gaye
Then I was separated from you
Chahat ka jahaan barbaad raha
The universe of love was destroyed
Kuch bhool gaye, kuch yaad raha
I forgot some, remembered some