Conversation of my Mind to my Heart

Mind : I know you’re hurting badly but that’s affecting me a lot now and I cannot function properly

Heart : I’m sorry but I can’t help myself

Mind : For our sake, forget her and move on

Heart : I’ve tried to but it’s out of my control

Mind : Just do what it takes to stop this madness

Heart : Alright, I’ll have to stop beating then

Mind : No, you know I cannot exist without you

Heart : …and I cannot live without her

Mind : We’re both screwed then!
Soul : Don’t worry guys, when the two of you are long gone, I’ll use the memories of the Mind to cherish the love of the Heart and immortalise your existence¬†

EPiServer Dynamic Content not Rendering on page

After spending like 4hrs trying to find out why a dynamic property was not being loaded properly on a webpage, I finally stumbled upon a website with such an easy solution. Basically we had a custom dynamic property which was supposed to output some data but EPiServer was not rendering the control properly.

In the source code, I expected to find :

<a style=”” href=”/Video/Vimeo/60255727/” class=”trigger-video” data-trackingid=”&lt;a href=”><span></span>
<img src=”/Global/PersonalCover-Screengrab.jpg” alt=”Personal cover” />

…but here’s what I saw instead:

<div data-classid=”b30218a7-77fc-43dd-a844-81935aa9b35e” data-dynamicclass=”Video Plugin” data-state=”VgBpAGQAZQBvAEkAZAA=&amp;NgAwADIANQA1ADcAMgA3AA==|VAByAGEAYwBrAGkAbgBnAEkAZAA=&amp;PABhACAAaAByAGUAZgA9ACIAIgAgAG8AbgBjAGwAaQBjAGsAPQAiAF8AZwBhAHEALgBwAHUAcwBoACgAWwAnAF8AdAByAGEAYwBrAEUAdgBlAG4AdAAnACwAIAAnAFYAaQBkAGUAbwAnACwAIAAnAFAAbABhAHkAJwAsACAAJwBQAGUAcgBzAG8AbgBhAGwAQwBvAHYAZQByACcAXQApADsAIgA+AFYAaQBkAGUAbwAgAGwAaQBuAGsAIABoAGUAcgBlADwALwBhAD4A|SQBtAGEAZwBlAFUAcgBsAA==&amp;LwBHAGwAbwBiAGEAbAAvAFAAZQByAHMAbwBuAGEAbABDAG8AdgBlAHIALQBTAGMAcgBlAGUAbgBnAHIAYQBiAC4AagBwAGcA|SQBtAGEAZwBlAEEAbAB0AA==&amp;UABlAHIAcwBvAG4AYQBsACAAYwBvAHYAZQByAA==|QQBsAGkAZwBuAFIAaQBnAGgAdAA=&amp;” data-hash=”jpJE7dVU4KCYCarsF+2bNaNENaNdJwG1niTwbyZc7CY=” contentEditable=”false” class=”epi_dc”><div class=”epi_dc_h”><div class=”epi_dc_l”><div class=”epi_dc_title”>Video Plugin</div></div><div class=”epi_dc_t”><a href=”#” class=”epi_dc_editBtn”>.</a><a href=”#” class=”epi_dc_previewBtn”>.</a></div></div></div>

EPiServer was not rendering the control properly but was just outputting the string.

The fix is really easy. All I had to do was change the way the dynamic content is being output in code.

So instead of this:

<%= CurrentPage.MyDynamicContent %> // wrong

I used this:

<EPiServer:Property runat=”server” PropertyName=”MyDynamicContent” />

Note that this is the way to render dynamic content in EPiServer but there’s a way you can force the literal output as well to work.