Going to the gym after 10 years!!!

Honestly, you shouldn’t wait that long but for me it must have been more than 10 years since I last did any kind of exercise. I was quite active before but since I’ve come to the UK, the cold weather has made me a couch potato and it doesn’t help that I work in an office and sit all day long staring at the computer.

Anyway, I thought a decade was quite a long time and something needed to be done. I’m not getting any younger and I’ve started to feel my body is not as flexible and strong as before. So I signed up for a gym membership with Fitness First (1 month just in case, lol). Since it was a short term contract, it’s £62 but if you go for 4 months contract then it’s £52 and your yearly membership, it’s £42. I’d rather pay a bit more expensive but have the option to cancel within 30 days as I’m still not sure of my commitment as I’ve got loads of things going on as well.

Few things I didn’t think  about were joining fee for the club (£20, but they forgot to include that in my bill, yay!), appropriate clothing and footwear when exercising in the gym and parking which fortunately is not far from the club and members get 2hrs free. I’ve also been persuaded to take a personal trainer as well – 4 sessions for £15 instead of  £30, I just thought why not 😀

And on my first day in the gym, the personal trainer was talking to me about posture and correct way to do things which was all good up until he asked me to do 10 press ups. I could hardly manage 4! I still did 10 though but they were not press ups, after 5 they were more like trying to get your body up any way you can using your hand, lol.

We did some bench press as well with little weights, well he thought they were little but I thought he was trying to kill me, haha. Yes, I know, my body is used to laziness and intermittent smoking hasn’t done me any favours too. We got through some rowing, arm curl for bicep and tricep and finished with lunges. I thought he said lunch btw.

By the end of the session (about 1hr) which to me felt like an eternity, my arms and legs were aching. I was glad I survived and I’m sure I’m going to build up the resistance if I persist. I must admit, I always thought I was a handsome guy until I saw myself in a gym mirror which made me looked too skinny. But then again handsomeness is to do with the face, right?

Now I need to plan my diet better because training without proper nutrition is stupid. However I’m planning to become vegetarian as well, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out.

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