Inspired by pain, driven by will and created with hope

She tells me to get a tattoo of her name but doesn’t realise her name is already engraved on my heart.
She believes it’s all over, however what awaits is still togetherness.
She thinks what was, isn’t anymore, yet what remains, is stronger than before.
She sees what everyone else does, although what truly is stays unbeknown to anyone.
She knows what we have is real, yet doubts what cannot be disputed.
She pretends not to love but her heartbeats betrays her at each moment.
She looks for sincerity but doesn’t see the mirror of my eyes.
She tries not to look back but what lies ahead is the dream we built.
She forgets what she needs but attends to my desires.
She finds my excuses lame yet wishes they are true.
She cries in silence and thinks I don’t see her tears.
She fights her conscience but surrenders to fate.
She awaits my call yet pretends to be busy.
She puts on a fake smille and hopes no one catches her.
She builds a wall with her pride but secretly wishes my love to invade.
She wishes to hold my hand yet is scared of my touch.
She feels my pain but refuses to show empathy.
She knocks on my door yet feels surprised to see me.
She hates thinking about me but secretly cherishes my memories.
She listens to her mind but none to her heart.
She loves me but denies it everytime.
She is all that yet is incomplete without me!

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