Google Chrome malware warning

The day before yesterday, I went to check my emails on Hotmail and to my surprise I saw a big malware warning from Google Chrome telling me that a particular domain is known to distribute malware and I should really not proceed with my request. I was shocked because Hotmail is a big company and a trusted site and I don’t think it would be possible to hack into the website to make it distribute malware. I googled the problem and could not find anything on the topic. I went onto Twitter as well just to make sure that it was not something that Google has not picked up yet but social networking site Twitter has because it’s more real time. Unfortunately there was not a single clue.

However the domain that was flagged as malware seemed familar but I could not remember what exactly though. After some time digging into my rusty brain, I finally realised that this domain (completely unassociated with Hotmail) was the status message of someone I know on MSN Messenger. It was someone who was into Graphic Design that I added to my contacts. It then occurred to me that his site was compromised and because his website link is in my contacts list on Hotmail, Google Chrome was warning me of the potential danger of clicking through this link. It was not very obvious though and it appeared that Hotmail was the one which was hacked into.

After removing this person from my contact list in Hotmail, the malware message no longer appeared when I checked my emails. So if you see this kind of message when browsing a trusted site, then it could be because one of the websites links on that website has been flagged as malware.

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