Google PR Update 27 July 2011

The long wait for a major Google PR update is now over as the PageRank has been refreshed today (27th July 2011). I’ve checked my sites (30+ I’ve got at the moment) and can confirm that it was not a minor update but a full scale one. Most of my sites have been an increase in PR but some of them dropped as well.

Backlinks is what PR is all about and if you have been doing your link building well, then you would be happy today to see your PR going up the scale. If you haven’t though, there’s still time although you’ll have to wait a couple of months before seeing any result if you start your link building campaign today.

What I’d like to share today is that an expired domain which I purchased a few months back, dropped to PR N/A during 2 last updates but for this PR update that just happen, it went to PR4. Well it has many nice juicy links pointing towards it and it was about time anyway. On another expired domain (which is PR3) where I linked a new site, the latter jumped from PR0 to PR3. However there’s no real movement in terms of SERPs, so I believe expired domains do not count towards ranking but they will give you PR love, so all is not lost.

And another thing which I’d like to point out (maybe reminding myself as well) is that if you stop building links (as in acquiring new links to your site, then sooner or later, you will lose your PR and possibly your traffic. This happened on one site which has been PR3 for a couple of years now but because of neglect it has fallen to PR2 and the traffic is diminishing steadily on top of that. So it looks like I’ll be busy with more promotion and link building for this one now…

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