Upgrade to iPhone OS 4 and lose everything

A while back, when I was syncing my iPhone, a message popped up to say that there was a new version of the iPhone OS and that I should upgrade. Without much thought, I upgraded to the iPhone OS 4 and was very happy that I had the latest software for my iPhone.

A few days later, I noticed that some of my pictures were gone. Some recent pictures that I took when on holiday had disappeared. I blamed it on the upgrade and thought that at least I had the majority of my pictures.

Some time after that, I noticed that my music library had completely gone. So I’ve got an iPhone with no songs or videos. Seems like I’m using the iPhone for calling and nothing more now.

Since I use WIFI at home, I’m set up the iPhone to connect to my home broadband and every now and then I use it. What I didn’t realise is that wifi on the iphone connects you to the mobile carrier of your iPhone service provider and at the end of the month, I was presented with a bill of £25 just for data. I called up O2 and they said that I’ve used that much in terms of internet data and I was furious because with OS 4, iPhone has changed the way the network connection used to be. I’ve got a perfectly good computer at home and I would be silly to use my Iphone for internet if I have to pay for it when I’ve got broadband free at home.

I’ve had to completely delete the mobile carrier name from my iphone to prevent any further charges (delete mobile.02.co.uk). If you’ve got data included in your package, then you’re fine (idata.o2.co.uk) but having to pay unfair charges because Apple forgot to mention that they were changing the network properties in iTunes is ridiculous.

So if you’re upgrading to iPhone OS 4, you’ll definitely be in for a surprise!

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