Cannot install iTunes on 64 bit Windows 7

I’ve installed Windows 7 64 bit on my computer which had Vista previously and I was in the process of adding the softwares that I use often when it came to iTunes on my list, problems started occuring. I downloaded the iTunes for windows (64 bit) without any problems but couldn’t get it to install. I’ve read on the web that quite a lot of people were having trouble downloading the iTunes setup package itself but my problem was different.

When I double click on the iTunes installer, it shows the progress bar for a split second and disappears. So I googled the problem and found that a lot of people were having the same problem. I know I’m using the 64 bit version of Windows and I downloaded the right package for my OS. On Apple’s website, I’ve tried everything listed on there. I’ve cleaned up my TEMP folder (in AppData under my username), remove all the programs (Bonjour service, QuickTime etc) and even changed msconfig to go onto selective startup as suggested by apple to no avail. I’ve had to uninstall Adobe Master Collection CS3 Suite to remove that annoying bonjour service and edit my windows features to delete everything from the TEMP folder and nothing worked.

I’ve spent hours on this and it’s really frustrating that I can’t sync my iPhone because Apple released a crap version of their iTunes installer. It’s not like there’s something wrong with my PC because I’ve got a fresh install of Windows 7 on it. So blame Apple! I’ve tried different versions, mix and match QuickTime as a standalone program or QuickTime with iTunes and nothing will get the iTunes install. I’ve even tried it on 3 separate computers! Now this surely is a joke, isn’t it?

Out of desperation, I installed a 64 bit version of iTunes 8.0 instead of iTunes 10.1.1 and got that to install without any problems. However when I plugged in my iPhone, iTunes complained that it was not compatible and that I needed to upgrade to the latest version (10.1.1). So all that for nothing. Deleted the old iTunes, tried again and back to square one. So now I’ve got an iPhone with no songs on it and I can’t sync it. Well done Apple.

UPDATE 08 Feb 2011 : I’ve just downloaded iTunes Setup 10.1.2  for Windows 64 bit and it installed without any problems. However when I plugged my iPhone to the computer, it did not recognise it. So I went to Device Manager in Control Panel and there was the little exclamation icon next to the “Apple Mobile USB Device” and I had to manually update the driver but after that I was able to sync my iPhone.

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  1. steph February 16, 2011 / 10:39 pm

    so how did you manually update the driver? i’m having the same problem so annoying!

  2. Randi O February 20, 2011 / 4:52 pm

    I have been there and done all you have done and then some more.
    Unfortunately, I was not lucky as you were.
    It all started by purchasing a white Toshiba Laptop for my G/f that had the 64bit Win7.
    As you have witnessed, my each attempt resulted in the dreaded error prompt stating that I need to d/l the 64bit version of iTunes, yet that is what is being attempted to be installed.
    I have tried versions 8.x, 9.xx, 10.xx with same EXACT results.
    I am beginning to believe in conspiracy theories, as I cannot believe the brilliant software minds in Apple cannot figure out a simple hurdle as writing FULLY functional software for the WinOS platforms.
    No other program has given so much grief as this b*st*rd program called iTunes.
    Apple blames Microsoft blames Toshiba blames Broadcom 64bit network stack blames Apple.
    Argh, I think there is no solution for me and I have to find another alternative to iTunes such as the CopyTrans app (it has not worked that good for me but there are others I must try when I get time).

    I am envious that your problem has been resolv ed,

  3. avinashsing February 20, 2011 / 5:06 pm

    @steph : In device manager, you’ll see a link which says “Update Driver” and that’s what I clicked on and it searched the internet for the latest driver.

    @Randi : Did you uninstall all the other programs that got installed with each version of iTunes before installing a new version? Try removing QuickTime and the Bonjour service and emptying your temp folder and then install iTunes 64 bit version 10.1.2 and see if that works.

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