Multiple networks in Windows 7 – Unable to connect to the Internet

After upgrading my Vista PC to Windows 7, I installed a few programs that I use frequently and was hoping everything was going to be fine. However things turned out to be a headache when I could no longer connect to the Internet. I connect to the Internet through a network cable that comes straight from my Netgear router, so there couldn’t be any wireless problems. I tried to hover over the little network icon in the system tray and it showed a message telling me that I was connected to multiple networks. I knew straight away that this was the problem and if I could get rid of multiple networks and make it connect to just 1 network (my home network), then that would solve my problem. Strangely enough, there was no option to delete the other network m (Public Network) from Windows.

I tried a few things and the only thing that worked was to disable the network adapter and enable it again. This would get rid of the multiple network problem and connect to my home network as it should do. However when the computer is restarted, the problem would come back again. I wanted to find a more permanent solution to the problem. So I searched on the web and it turned out to be a problem with a service called “Bonjour Service”. That’s  a program from Apple and basically it kicks in before another service and that’s where the problem starts. If you go into services, you will not find a service called Bonjour Service as it’s named some like “##IdString1…”. You will have to set that service to delayed autostart or disable it to get your internet working again.

The Bonjour Service got installed on my computer when I installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 but if you use iTunes, you are bound to have it as well. It’s a perfectly safe program but should be marked as Start type – Automatically (delayed) if you want no hassles with your internet connection.

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