Smart HDD – Trojan which makes you think your system is giving up on you

While looking on the internet for a way to restore a failed hard disk on one of my desktops, I got scared when windows started showing me messages that my laptop was giving up on me. I saw messages on the taskbar similar to windows messages which pop up when you have problems like no anti virus etc and they said that my hard disk was corrupted, my system was running out of memory etc.

There was this program which launched itself, Smart HDD, and it was running without my consent. Now any genuine program would have been installed either by windows itself when you have purchased your laptop/computer or by yourself. I thought that it could have come pre-installed with windows and let it run. It defragmented my laptop but said there were other problems which it could not solve and it required an additional module and that I needed a licence for that. Now windows would not install something which is important to the functioning/repairing of your machine and ask you to purchase a licence afterwards. Anyway, I had a look at their website and it said that the licence costs $90. Of course I did not pay for the licence!

I tried to see if I could uninstall the program through Add/Remove programs but it was not listed there. So I had a look at the windows path for smarthdd.exe and found that it was installed in my app_data folder and had a really weird name. This shows that it was a trojan indeed. So I went into my control panel and restored my system to an earlier date (4 days back). This process does not delete any of your files but would erase any programs that was installed after that time. This solves the problem.

My laptop is now working fine. However know that the messages from Smart HDD can be quite convincing especially when they use the same message format that you’re familiar with and they tell you that your private data will be lost, your hard disk could not be found or your memory usage is 100% or it’s overheating!

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