SD card reader (Mass storage device) driver for Toshiba Windows 7

I recently upgraded one of my laptops from Vista to Windows 7 and everything went smoothly except when I tried to insert an SD card in the memory slot and found out that it was not working. When I checked Device Manager in Control Panel, I saw that there was a “Mass Storage” device which had the exclamation sign, meaning it was not working properly. It is this that was causing the problem and I tried to update the driver through Control Panel but Windows was unable to do it.

I also tried one of the recovery CDs that I got from Toshiba but that didn’t work as well. So I started looking on the web for a mass storage device for my Toshiba A100 027 laptop but couldn’t find it. It’s not even listed on the Toshiba website and they usually have quite a lot of drivers for you to download just in case you need them. Anyway, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a forum which had a link to a driver which would solve the problem. Here’s the direct link to the driver for the SD card reader:

I am always skeptic of downloading .exe file (executables) as they may contain viruses/trojans but the above link is safe and works well on my laptop. After installing it, I was able to get the SD memory card reader to work properly again.

Problem installing Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate on Windows 7 64 bit

I just upgraded my Vista computer to Windows 7 64 bit and when I tried to install Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, it wouldn’t work. The setup process would just abort with a message telling me that the process could not be completed and show me a list of components which has not been installed.

At first I thought that it was a problem with Windows 7 64 bit but then again I have the same OS on my laptop and I didn’t have any problems installing it there. So I did a little bit of research on the net and found a couple of solutions. There are some things like checking your windows registry to see if there’s an entry in the 32 bit or 64 bit section of windows and since I just upgraded from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7, I thought I might as well check it out but that was not the problem.

Some people who had the same problem said they were able to fix it by burning the iso file again. I gave that a try and when I placed the newly burned dvd into my dvd drive, it started the setup process but shortly afterwards aborted. My first iso image was burnt on a TDK DVD and the second one was on a Sony DVD. This shows that not all DVD ROMs are able to read all DVDs available on the market.

Anyway when that did not work, I plugged another DVD ROM in my computer and that did the trick. The whole problem was associated with the fact that the DVD ROM could not read the burnt iso of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition and therefore setup had to quit without finishing the whole process.

Using multiple or nested forms in ASP.NET

While the convenience of having just one form in is great, there are times when you actually need to have multiple forms such as when you want to give a search functionality on your website or have a form post to another page without getting into the intricacies of PreviousPage and the like.

It is must be noted that allow just 1 form with the runat attribute which is visible at any given time. This means two things – first you can have multiple forms on the same webpage provided only one of them has the runat attribute or you can have multiple forms with the runat attribute provided only of them is visible at any given time (the others must be invisible so that renders just one form tag for you).

Nested forms in

So now that you know that you can have many forms in your page and have decided to have a search facility at the top and maybe another form to post comments to a different page, it is important to remember that the forms cannot be nested, otherwise it wouldn’t work as expected. So make sure that you’re closing your form tag before opening another one!

Another thing worth mentioning is that when you’re posting to a different page with a simple html form, you need to provide both the ID and Name attribute of the element you wish to retrieve the value of from the other side. So if on Page A you have a textarea, don’t forget the name attribute because this is necessary for Request.Form to retrieve the value of your textarea.

Smart HDD – Trojan which makes you think your system is giving up on you

While looking on the internet for a way to restore a failed hard disk on one of my desktops, I got scared when windows started showing me messages that my laptop was giving up on me. I saw messages on the taskbar similar to windows messages which pop up when you have problems like no anti virus etc and they said that my hard disk was corrupted, my system was running out of memory etc.

There was this program which launched itself, Smart HDD, and it was running without my consent. Now any genuine program would have been installed either by windows itself when you have purchased your laptop/computer or by yourself. I thought that it could have come pre-installed with windows and let it run. It defragmented my laptop but said there were other problems which it could not solve and it required an additional module and that I needed a licence for that. Now windows would not install something which is important to the functioning/repairing of your machine and ask you to purchase a licence afterwards. Anyway, I had a look at their website and it said that the licence costs $90. Of course I did not pay for the licence!

I tried to see if I could uninstall the program through Add/Remove programs but it was not listed there. So I had a look at the windows path for smarthdd.exe and found that it was installed in my app_data folder and had a really weird name. This shows that it was a trojan indeed. So I went into my control panel and restored my system to an earlier date (4 days back). This process does not delete any of your files but would erase any programs that was installed after that time. This solves the problem.

My laptop is now working fine. However know that the messages from Smart HDD can be quite convincing especially when they use the same message format that you’re familiar with and they tell you that your private data will be lost, your hard disk could not be found or your memory usage is 100% or it’s overheating!

Preserving the case of table names in MySql on Windows

Windows is case insensitive, so table “test” and “Test” refers to the same table. However if you want to preserve the case sensitivity of the your table names on a Windows machine, you should set the option lower_case_table_names to 2 in the MySql configuration file. You can check the value by running the following SQL command:


Scroll down to lower_case_table_names and the value will most likely be set to 1. Now to change that value, you will either have to modify my.ini or my.cfg file found in your installation of MySql (C:\Program Files\MySql\MySql Server 5.1 0r C:\Program Files (x86)\MySql\MySql Server 5.1). Try searching for lower_case_table_names and change the value to 2 or just append the following in the my.ini file:

lower_case_table_names = 2;

Now you will need to restart the MySql service for the changes to take effect. Note that tables which have previously been created won’t be affected by this change. Only new tables will preserve their case sensitivity rather than having their case lowered.

After making the change, if you still find that some tables are not preserving their case (same problem that happened to me), then you will need to do rename the table to something else and then back to its original name. Say you created a table called ‘Article’ and you find that it’s showing as ‘article’, then do the following:

RENAME TABLE `Article` to `Article2`;
RENAME TABLE `Article2` to `Article`;

This will solve the problem.

Holiday to Dublin, Ireland

Booked with Ryanair 2 months ago was a short break to Dublin. The flight was from London Stansted to Dublin and it takes around 1 hour and 15 mins but because we had been delayed at the airport, the pilot made up for it and we arrived there in like 45 mins. We hired a car (Nissan Micra) and we got it a discounted rate of 85 euros for 4 days.

We stayed at our aunty’s place for the duration of the break. Our first trip was to Blessington Lakes and it was a nice drive there. The view was magnificent but it was freezing cold. We got lost a few times trying to get to the viewpoints but in the end, we managed to get the sat nav that we brought to guide us to what we wanted to see. At one point, we were so high up the mountain that we could see the cloud just a few metres above us and if we were to climb up a bit further, we would be able to touch it.

The second day was a trip to Dublin city and although no different from London itself, it was just nice to be in a different place. Once in the city, everything is so accessible. All the shops are walking distance and there are plenty of shops, including shops for foreign foods (international foods). We had to buy a few things to prepare for the party later on that day but unfortunately, not many people could come because of bad weather. A multi storey car park is found on Parnell Street and it costs us like 5-6 euros to park there for 2 hours.

It snowed quite a bit on Saturday and we took some pictures at 2 in the morning (sunday morning). Duke, the family dog, became really attached to all of us and he was such a lovely animal. He would lie on his back on the floor for you to stroke his belly and would sit down when asked to or give you his paw.

We couldn’t explore more by car because it had snowed everywhere and was still snowing in some places and it was really cold as well. However the main purpose of the trip was to spend some time with the family and everything went on fine and it was a really nice break.

However the Ryanair experience was not pleasant. Although the flights were cheap, the service was really poor. When we were on our way to Ireland, we were asked to go to gate 44 to board the plane. Whilst in the queue, we were then told to go to gate 46 and ended up in the back of the queue because people were running and pushing about. If you don’t have the right dimensions for your hand luggage, you might end up paying 35 euros for checking the suitcase in. The dimensions are quite strict, 55x45x20cm. The staff come with a carton mould of the dimension and test to see if your hand luggage fits in properly. As soon as one ryanair plane arrives, it’s refuelled and just after passengers have left the aircraft, others are ready to board. There’s no time for cleaning the plane and when you get inside, you will have to hunt for a seat. On board, the meals are very expensive; a croissant costs 2.50 euros and a hot drink 3 euros. A hot baguette can cost as much as 7 euros. You can smoke the smokeless cigarettes though which costs 6 euros for a packet of 10 and it’s just like sucking in on paper. Ryanair is cheap for a reason and it can be really frustrating knowing that you don’t have an allocated seat and people will do anything to get on the plane first.

Inserting content into a webpage from iframe code behind in JQuery

Here’s the situation: A user clicks a button on a webpage and an iframe pops up (facebox which similar to lightbox). Now I want to inject some html from the code behind of the iframe into the parent window. I’m using JQuery to achieve this and this simple line of code does the trick:

parent.$("#MessageDiv").append("hello world");

That works fine except when you’re trying to insert a string which contains line breaks. I’m not talking about html line breaks here but windows line breaks as in new line and carriage return (\n\r). The problem is that because the string will span on several lines, the expression will be unterminated. Have a look at the following to understand what I’m trying to say more clearly:

hello world

how are you?

The above text is represent as “hello world\n\rhow are you?”. When that is written in a javascript script, it will become like this:

document.write(“hello world

how are you?);

To make this work, you need to remove the line breaks as follows:

string myContent = "hello world\n\rhow are you?";

myContent.Replace("\n", "").Replace("\r", "");

This will keep all your content on one line and make the javascript work as intended.

How to scroll parent window from iframe using JQuery

First off I’m using JQuery 1.4 and I’ve got the ScrollTo plugin referenced in my webpage. In order to provide a rich experience to my users, I wanted to load an iframe through facebox when someone submitted a comment (this is not implemented on this website btw) and ask them to provide their email address for follow-ups. If they supplied their email address, I wanted to close the iframe and insert a message in the parent page to tell them that an email has been sent to them.

Now the user can be at the bottom of the page when they submit the comment and the message will be appended at the top of the parent page. So I need to scroll to the top of the page so that they can see the message. I tried the following:

parent.$.scrollTo($("#FeedbackDiv", 1000);

But that didn’t work and it took me quite a while to figure out what went wrong. When on the iframe, parent.$.scrollTo successfully finds the scrollTo plugin but it doesn’t find the FeedbackDiv because it’s located on the parent page and not the iframe. The way the code is at the moment, it’s looking for a FeedbackDiv in the iframe and not the parent window. So to achieve what I wanted, all you have to do is the following:

parent.$.scrollTo(parent.$("#FeedbackDiv"), 1000);

And now everything works perfectly 🙂