WordPress automatic upgrade not working and asking for FTP details

I run quite a few sites and on some of them I’ve installed WordPress for convenience. Every now and then a new version of WordPress is released and I like to keep my installation of WordPress up-to-date so that I’ve got the latest security patches and new features which have been developed. For earlier versions of WordPress (before 2.7), you had to do the install manually but with WordPress 2.7, you now have the option to upgrade automatically. As soon as a newer version is available, you have a link in the admin panel telling you to update your installation. You should be able to click on the update link and WordPress itself will download the latest files, extract them and update your WordPress accordingly. On one installation, it took no more than 15 seconds to complete the upgrade. However on my other hosting accounts, I’ve found that I just cannot update the software as it keeps asking me for my FTP details.

I know for a fact that the automatic upgrade should work but I wanted to give the FTP connection a go as well and it didn’t run as expected. WordPress couldn’t either extract some files or couldn’t create folders/files. I could have fixed the problem by giving write access to the required folder but I thought it was getting a bit too much as I don’t like the idea of putting my username/password for FTP in the first place. So I decided to find out a solution to the automatic upgrade problem instead and I spent hours researching the topic.

Here are the solutions that I tried:

  • define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); in wp_config.php (didn’t work)
  • Give write permissions 777 to the whole wordpress directory for testing (didn’t work)
  • Editing file.php (found in wp_admin/includes) so that getmypid() is returned instead of getmyuid() (didn’t work)

If you’ve got full access to the server where wordpress is installed, you should be able to fix the problem easily but if you’re on shared hosting, things get complicated. My wordpress files/folders are owned by me on the hosting account but when a php script is executed, it runs as the nobody account. This is the default apache user that the server uses to run scripts on the shared hosting and that’s what is causing the headache. WordPress does a test to see if a file is owned by the current user executing the script and if that fails, it promts you for your FTP connection details.

I’ve looked into ways to overcome the problem but the shared hosting account doesn’t give me shell access, otherwise I would have been able to change the owner of the files/folders. If I get to run apache as my own user account, I should be able to get the wordpress automatic upgrade to succeed but I’m still looking for a solution at the moment. I’ve looked into php scripts executing commands (with exec) but I’ve still got to learn how to use that. If you’ve got the solution, then let me know.

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