How to connect the Wii to the Internet?

I’ve had my Wii for over 2 years now and it was only a few days back that I actually wondered why I haven’t set up the Wii to connect to the Internet. The thought of being able to surf online on my big 50in TV was enough to get me started. Before I tell you the steps to connect your Wii console to your internet connection, it might be worth stating that I was rather deceived afterwards as I found out that you need to pay to be able to get on the internet through your Wii. You will have to buy Wii points which will allow you to surf on the internet and when they finish, you will need to buy more. It was not worth the hassle if you ask me because I am already paying for broadband internet at home, then why should I pay again to surf on the Wii, I’d rather surf on my latop. If the service was free, then it would be a totally different scenario and being able to surf on big screen TV would be awesome.

Anyway, here’s how you connect you Wii to the Internet:

  1. First make sure you have the password of your router at hand (i’m assuming you have your home internet network protected)
  2. Switch on your Wii and go to Wii Options from the menu (hover over the square images to know which one it is)
  3. Click on Wii settings and then press the arrow on the right to see more options
  4. Choose Internet and then click on Connection Settings
  5. Choose Connection 1 from the list displayed
  6. Then click Wireless Connection followed by Search for an Access Point
  7. Choose your home internet connection from the list and click OK
  8. Click OK and test the connection to see if everything is working fine
  9. You will then be asked to update the Wii, so click Yes

This is pretty much it. When you go on Wii Menu, you will be able to see Wii Shop from which you can purchase points to surf the internet.

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