And the rankings are back again

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been observing the fickleness of the google uk SERPs and to say that they are volatile is probably the right thing to do. If you are enjoying top positions for your keywords, you may want to keep on doing the good things that you are to stay ahead in the serps, whether it’s providing good content and good marketing (link building).

For those keywords which I’ve been talking about, they are now at #8 on the first page after disappearing completely from the SERPs. It is not so much of a good news when you think that it was #4 a week ago but then again being on the first page among 55 million competing pages is still good and better than being nowhere in the serps. I must admit that I was really inclined to make some changes in the text copy for that webpage because it was gone for quite a while. It took 7 days to come back in the serps. It disappeared on the 22 of March 2010 and it came back today 29 of March 2010. Let’s see what happens next!

Btw indexed pages in google seem to be going up and down a lot lately.

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  1. Antonis May 25, 2010 / 1:25 am

    For the past 4 months my site appears and dissapears from the SERPs. I have tried reconsiliation reports and it works for just a few days after that my site dissapears again. The last 3 weeks it comes on and off for a few days. Any ideas on what is going on?

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