Google UK SERPs change once again

After much enjoyment of being at number #4 in the SERPs for a popular phrase, I today found out that my webpage has disappeared once again. It was only a week ago that google reinstated my rankings (actually improved my rankings because I was ranked #5 or #6 before) and it was after a really long wait of 4 weeks. Now everything seem back to how it was again. I believe there are changes which are coming our way and that’s why the UK Serps are not stable for the time being. It is really upsetting not being able to find the webpage out of 60 result pages containing 10 results each and it seems the same thing has happened again – the ranking for the webpage has just vanished once more.

I’m not going to be doing anything and hope the rankings are going to come back by themselves again. I shall wait and if things do not pick up after 4-6 weeks, then I’ll start making the changes which I believe could be the cause.

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