Custom made sofa – Why settle for anything else?

After a long search for the perfect house, I finally found one which has got most of the features I wanted. Of course, if i had it my way, i would build a house from scratch rather than buying an already built house. Anyway, because I was renting before, i didn’t find it necessary to buy my own furniture at that time and it would have been a hassle moving furniture to the new house and costly as well. Therefore I had to find a nice comfortable sofa so that i can watch tv in my cosy little place.

I went to all the big sofa shops (DFS, Land of Leather etc) and some small shops as well but i didn’t really find one which really appealed to me. There were some sofas which were ‘alright’ but it seems that i was settling for something that i did not really want because i didn’t have any other choice. But when they told me that i need to wait for like 3 months to get my sofa delivered, that was it for me. I could understand waiting 2 weeks but not three months! Where was i supposed to sit for a quarter of a year? On the floor, you’re having a laugh! I’m not paying hundreds if not thousands of pounds to sit on the floor.

This is when i decided to look into custom made sofa. At first i thought they were expensive but when i looked into it, i found that the prices were actually cheaper. The company itself is called Nabru and are based in London but you can order from anywhere in the UK. You need a sofa that’s going to use the space in your living room efficiently while providing the nicest and most comfortable seats. You can read the nabru sofa review here for more information on the company.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to make their houses fit around their sofa when it should be the other way round. You can sometimes see sofas in really awkward places or find very little room to walk in because standard sofas were bought and the shapes and sizes are not meant for the room but still they are there (probably because people who bought them didn’t have any other choices or they got it for cheap!). My advice is to look for custom made sofas because they are not that expensive after all.

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