Snowing in London

Since yesterday, it’s been snowing all over London and flights have been suspended across major airports like Gatwick. My once used to be green garden is now completely white with snow and my cats are loving it. They were the first ones to step onto the fresh snow and all you can see now is pawprints everywhere.

Unfortunately though, I’ve had to cancel my trip to Ikea because I don’t want to be stranded in traffic because of the snow. I wanted to go there to get a few things in preparation for Christmas and New year but I suppose this could wait. In a couple of day’s time, it’s supposed to stop and that would save me the hassle of having to drive in snow.

Not sure we’re going to have a white Xmas but I’ll be making the most of the snow in my garden and throwing some snowballs later on. Not to mention the usual snowman that needs to be built.

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