Donating books to charity

It’s amazing the amount of junk people can have. You don’t realise it until you start wondering whether you really need these stuff. I recently came across a couple of books which were taking a lot of space on my bookshelf and decided that I was no longer in need of them. I wouldn’t read them again as they were old programming books which are mostly outdated now. So I decided to take them to charity instead of chucking them in the bin. Some people might find it still useful. There was one Java programming book amongst them which cost me around £50 5 years back when I was still at uni and another IT Management book which was around £40 I think and a couple more books on databases, PHP and ASP/ASP.NET.

Soon as I walked into the charity shop (either Cancer Research UK or Oxfam, can’t remember now because they were next to each other; or it could have been British Heart Foundation), I went straight to the old man on the till and said that I would like to donate these books. I expected the man to take the books from me and thank me for my donation. To my surprise, he pointed at the far end of the shop and told me that donations should go there. Now this is really annoying. Why can’t he just take the stuff and sort it out later? The charity is going to make some money from my books, right? And I’m giving them away for free! So the least the staff can do is make it easier for me but no they couldn’t care less. I had to take the books to a back room where another staff was sorting donated items. Agreed, she said thank you to me after taking the books but it was more something she had to say than meaning what she was saying.

Charities exist to make a difference and they rely on the good nature of other people to succeed in their purpose but unless their attitude is changed, I doubt they will 100% succeed in what they are doing. Just because you’re a charity doesn’t mean you should things for granted.

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