First vaccine for my cats

Tiger Billy and Jet Li had their first vaccine yesterday and it costs me £100 for the two of them. They were also given a worm medicine when I took them to the vets and that was £12 and should last a couple of days. They need to go for another vaccine in 3 weeks time. Fortunately I don’t have to pay for that because it was all paid when I went first time round. However the second vaccine is really important because the first vaccine would not work if they don’t have the second injection.

Oh, the receptionist was trying to make me buy cat insurance btw. It was with Pet Plan and the first month was completely free. Well I don’t see my cats having any problems in the coming month, so I don’t really need the insurance cover. However if i gave that pet insurance a go, then it would be difficult for me to cancel it – as it’s always the case when you get free insurance cover; you either forget to cancel the insurance and are billed for something you don’t want or it becomes such a hassle for you to stop/get rid of the insurance cover that it becomes too much of a stress and you wonder why in the first place you agreed to sign up for it.

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