SEOing your articles for the web

Writing articles to publish on your website should be done with great care. Below are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Use different variations of your keyphrases. By using punctuation, you can easily break phrases and since search engines don’t pay attention to punctuation, you can easily write “There is now a large choice for car insurance. London is where you will get the cheapest company…”. With this phrase you will be able to rank for “car insurance london”.
  • Have the right balance between pleasing your visitors and the search engines. Adding more keywords can give you better rankings in search engines but may put off users to your site because the article does not make much sense (keyword stuffed).
  • Keyword research is important but takes time. Including phrases which users are currently searching will most likely bring your article up the search engines for these phrases and others which are related to them.
  • Don’t force a group a keywords in your article if it doesn’t make sense. Eg “if you’re looking for mortgage quotes free, you’ll find them here”
  • Only use keyphrases that apply to the article. If you’re writing about horse shoes, then don’t try to include horse insurance because there are more searches for these search terms. Even you manage to rank high for horse insurance, when people come on your website, they will just leave when they see your article is nothing about horse insurance.
  • Use only correct spellings in your article. Misspellings should be avoided as well as slang.
  • ALT tags need to be used wisely for images in your article.
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