Link building for a new website

To make a new website successful, you need to be building links to the website right from the start. You need to get backlinks incrementally and gradually otherwise you may get penalised by google for building links too fast. Below are the link building techniques that should be applied:

  1. Directory submissions (general directories, blog directories, niche directories)
  2. RSS feed submissions (if you have an RSS feed, most blogs have one)
  3. Forum posting (multiple forums, 20 posts each with a signature link)
  4. Press release
  5. Article marketing (eg ezinearticles)
  6. Blog commenting
  7. Yahoo/MSN Answers
  8. Social bookmarking/networking (tweet, facebook, digg, stumbleupon)
  9. Squidoo lens/hubpages/free blogs creation
  10. Obtaining links from relevant websites/blogs (whichever way you feel comfortable to acquire these links)

The idea is to have a varied link profile for your website coming from different websites targetting different anchors. Squidoo lens/hubpages/free blogs which are created need to be marketed first before any benefit could be seen from them. Therefore you can do cheap directory submissions/social bookmarking for these to boost the value of these pages.

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