SEOing your articles for the web

Writing articles to publish on your website should be done with great care. Below are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Use different variations of your keyphrases. By using punctuation, you can easily break phrases and since search engines don’t pay attention to punctuation, you can easily write “There is now a large choice for car insurance. London is where you will get the cheapest company…”. With this phrase you will be able to rank for “car insurance london”.
  • Have the right balance between pleasing your visitors and the search engines. Adding more keywords can give you better rankings in search engines but may put off users to your site because the article does not make much sense (keyword stuffed).
  • Keyword research is important but takes time. Including phrases which users are currently searching will most likely bring your article up the search engines for these phrases and others which are related to them.
  • Don’t force a group a keywords in your article if it doesn’t make sense. Eg “if you’re looking for mortgage quotes free, you’ll find them here”
  • Only use keyphrases that apply to the article. If you’re writing about horse shoes, then don’t try to include horse insurance because there are more searches for these search terms. Even you manage to rank high for horse insurance, when people come on your website, they will just leave when they see your article is nothing about horse insurance.
  • Use only correct spellings in your article. Misspellings should be avoided as well as slang.
  • ALT tags need to be used wisely for images in your article.

Don’t you just hate stretch marks?

Who likes stretch marks? Nobody does! They are resented by everyone as they look like the stitches of Frankenstein and make you feel so much less pretty than you actually are. Stretch marks usually appear when the body loses or gains weight too rapidly that the skin does not have time to shrink/grow in proportion with body mass. Therefore either the skin is stretched too much or starts sagging leaving way for those nasty lines on your perfect body.

However there are ways to get rid of stretch marks and the most simple thing that you can do is apply some cream like cocoa butter where you’re getting them. If have you severe problem of stretch marks, then you can go for laser surgery but that is not something which is 100% guaranteed and it comes at an expensive price.

Are directory submissions any good for link building?

Couple of years ago, directory submissions were a great way to boost search engine rankings. People started to use targeted keywords instead of company name to help them achieve better rankings. Nowadays link from most directories do not hold any weight. There are still a few good directories but the majority of directories are worthless.

If you have an aged site, then submitting to directories won’t help you. However for new sites, it is a good way to get an initial boost of backlinks. Of course they will not contribute at all towards ranking but at least you’ll be getting a few backlinks which will help with your PageRank (PR).

The problem with directory submission is that it is a tedious task. You absolutely need to outsource it and fortunately you can get like 1000 directory submissions for a cheap $10. Although people use software to automate the whole process, you will inevitably have to scan through the long list of emails to confirm your listing and that takes a lot of time but there’s nothing you can do about it (well except if you write a program that loops through your emails and visits the confirmation link).

The only benefit that directory submission can have for an aged website is that it will hide your important backlinks. People check competitors backlinks everyday and if your good links are obvious, then your competitor will try to get a backlink from the same website too. Therefore you need a way to hide your backlinks and directory submissions can do that for you.

Link building for a new website

To make a new website successful, you need to be building links to the website right from the start. You need to get backlinks incrementally and gradually otherwise you may get penalised by google for building links too fast. Below are the link building techniques that should be applied:

  1. Directory submissions (general directories, blog directories, niche directories)
  2. RSS feed submissions (if you have an RSS feed, most blogs have one)
  3. Forum posting (multiple forums, 20 posts each with a signature link)
  4. Press release
  5. Article marketing (eg ezinearticles)
  6. Blog commenting
  7. Yahoo/MSN Answers
  8. Social bookmarking/networking (tweet, facebook, digg, stumbleupon)
  9. Squidoo lens/hubpages/free blogs creation
  10. Obtaining links from relevant websites/blogs (whichever way you feel comfortable to acquire these links)

The idea is to have a varied link profile for your website coming from different websites targetting different anchors. Squidoo lens/hubpages/free blogs which are created need to be marketed first before any benefit could be seen from them. Therefore you can do cheap directory submissions/social bookmarking for these to boost the value of these pages.

Geocities is closing down – Back up your files!

Just checking my yahoo email account and was surprised to see that Geocities is closing down on the 26th of October 2009. I must admit that I’m quite upset because 12 years back, it was with geocities that I started my very first website when I was learning HTML. Back then, I didn’t know much about programming and was content with basic webpages with a few pretty images. I had kept my personal website at geocities and have rarely touched it but it was nice to know that it existed.

Anyway, it’s a shame that geocities is closing and there are no tools to quickly download all your files to your computer. I had to go to my geocities website and click on each link to download the webpage. You need to right click on each webpage and choose “Save Page As..” and it will get the webpage with associated images. Thankfully I only had like 15 pages otherwise I would have spent the whole day doing that.

Changes to question/answer website

So I’m not having the best CTR and I want to change some things round. Things which have been changed:

1. Menu has been reintroduced

2. Ads in the middle just after question. (1 after subject, 1 after question description and 1 after answer(s))

3. Post your own answers or comments changed to Can you answer this question?

Now let’s see how that affects the CTR.