Top 5 things to build a successful website

By successful I mean a website that’s going to make money. From my experience, this comes down to 5 important points:

1. Pick up a niche (topic/subject/industry) where there are advertisers who are willing to spend money to market their products or services

2. Have a nice looking and simple layout for your website (first impression counts so make it look professional)

3. Write articles on topics which will attract visitors to your site – make the title catchy!

4. You need to have a good balance of keywords to triggers ads which are going to make you the money. So if you are writing an article on “How to cope with mortgage repayments?”, then you don’t want ads targetting new mortgages to appear but rather ads on mortgage problems so that the visitors are more inclined to click on the ads.

5. SEO and marketing – on page seo is easy to tackle and off page seo should be done with only quality links rather than going for bulk innefficient links. Marketing should be an ongoing process to get more exposure for your site and articles.

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