Avoiding the Google filter

The keywords that I am targetting are too closely aligned to the anchor texts of internal links on my website. Therefore instead of linking to a particular page with the page title as the anchor text, I will link to it using the subject instead. I remember i used to link to my inner pages with the subject but in an attempt to get better rankings, i switched over to linking with title tags. This had a very nasty consequence for me as i lost most if not all of my good rankings some 6 months ago. But i never really bothered to switch back to the original lest it was too many changes in a short space of time for GoogleBot and i thought i would be penalised further. But now it seems that this is all too much over-optimisation and as the algorithms have now changed in Google, i need to make sure that i am getting the most by under-optimising my web pages.

One other thing, my homepage has got like 137 links and Google recommends to have less than 100 links, so this needs to be rectified as well 🙂

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