Best iPhone 3G case

I wanted a case to protect my iPhone 3G so I was looking around on the Internet to see what others have recommended. However I was a bit hasty to buy a case so I ended up buying the first one I thought was worth it which is the Silicone case.

iPhone 3G Silicone Case Review

The iPhone 3G silicone case is like a glove and will offer some kind of protection to your iPhone if it falls down but it does not have any protection for the screen. It is really dull and for £9.99 that i paid from CarphoneWarehouse, it is really not worth it. It is bulky and makes the iPhone ugly! I have actually out off at least 3 people from buying the silicone case from O2 shops and CarephoneWarehouse when I was in these stores!

The second case that i bought was the InvisibleShield for the iPhone 3G. I had to go for this one because similar products like BodyGuardz and BestSkinsEver are not available in the UK and you have to order them online while i wanted something i could grab from London stores.

iPhone 3G InvisibleShield review

I paid £14.99 for the iPhone 3G InvisibleShield case and although i knew it was going to be a tough job installing this case, i had really no other choice. Like everybody said, it is really difficult to put on this case. I managed to put the front piece on the screen quite easily but I struggled for over an hour to put the back piece. In the end i had to cut the rounded edges of the InvisibleShield so that it would stick to my iPhone 3G. I’m quite disappointed with that because I’ve watched online videos on how to put it prior to installing it as well as read instructions from the vendor site and on different forums.

I have to say though that the InvisibleShield is not noticeable on the iPhone 3G and it does retain the phone’s beauty while providing extra protection against scratches and the like.

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