Problem with IFrame in a table

You must be wondering why would someone need an iframe within a table, right? Well, i had to consume an rss feeds within a Classic ASP application and the VB6 codes were not doing the job because the MSXML parser found errors in the XML document. Doing it in C# ( had no problems at all and because i had already waster more than 1 day trying all the different solutions i’ve googled, i thought it would be best to load the rss feeds in an iframe within the classic asp codes as you cannot import aspx pages in a classic asp page. To add to the fun, the iframe would need to sit within a table and the moment i tried sticking the iframe in, all the other data in the table data (td) dissappeared. The solution was really simple, the browser (internet explorer) did not like the self-closing tag, so you need to explicitly have a closing tag.

<iframe src=”bla.aspx” frameborder=”no” /> (did not work)

<iframe src=”bla.aspx” frameborder=”no”></iframe> (works like a charm)

There you go! Saved for future reference 🙂

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