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Being a Microsoft guy, i wanted to have a blogging platform on windows. So i initially wrote a small application which would allow me to write simple stuffs. As i started using the app though, i found that i needed more functionality built into it but since i didn’t have any time to do it myself, i deciced to search for a blogging engine that would have the facilities i was looking for and two, be able to run on a windows platform. I thought about WordPress but because it’s written in PHP i decided to ditch it and go for something else.

I searched everywhere on the internet for a free blogging engine in .net to run on windows but there were very few available. I tried one of them and it was really really basic, so i opted for Subtext. Subtext is really good but it lacks many functionalities. Like i was trying to edit the date on one of my posts the other day and i couldn’t do that. The thing is sometimes we want to write something but backdate it so that it reflects the appropriate day the particular event happened. I mean for me blogging is a way to log things happening in my life and stuffs which i want to remember. However you don’t always have the chance to write about something on the same day that it happened! The other thing is that i wanted my permalinks to be extensionless but Subtext appends the “.aspx” extension to all posts which does not make it really portable (if in the future you want to move to another blogging platform)

Subtext is still in its infancy and i’m sure it will do well in the future. At the moment however, i need something more mature so i decided to go for WordPress (yeh, i know, i should have done it before!). With the large number of themes available to you and the different plugins for you to use, you can’t go wrong. And there’s more support for that software too. Therefore i’ve moved everything (i had less than 50 posts btw) to WordPress. I love the functionality it offers and i’m glad with it 🙂

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