My first laptop

I bought my 1st laptop on Thursday the 12th of April. It is a Toshiba Dual Core 1.6Ghz, 80 Gig hard drive and 1024 RAM memory. It has Windows Vista Home Premium already installed and has 4 USB ports and 1 FireWire. So now i can transfer my videos from my Digital Camcorder and have some fun editing them.

I paid £540 for the laptop from PC World but could have got it for £500 with Dixons. Well Dixons is no longer a shop which has a physical store now, it is only an online thing and i just cant bear to wait for deliveries.

I also got myself a nice Wireless Modem Router along the way. It’s a Linksys router and i just love the whole wireless connection and the ability to be able to network my PC and my laptop wirelessly and share my broadband connection.

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