How to make a Video DVD?

So i’ve bought this new laptop and the first thing i wanted to do was creating a video DVD because my old computer was just too old to do these stuffs. Windows Vista comes equipped with Windows DVD Maker which lets you import your videos from your camcorder. I have a JVC camcorder and the films on the DV tape are already in digital format, so i didnt have to convert from analogue. I had to purchase a FireWire cable though because it’s much quicker transferring videos to your PC through FireWire than USB. I purchased the cable at Maplin for £10. I was all set up and as soon as i plugged the FireWire cable in my laptop, Windows Movie Maker popped up a window to ask me whether i would like to create a movie. I followed the steps from the “movie wizard” and although i could have imported the whole film on the DV tape in one go, opted to select the scenes i wanted to choose.

Once all this done, i had the film on my laptop. I’m halfway done because i want to be able to view the video on my DVD player. Vista comes with another software called Windows DVD Maker which allows you to burn a video DVD. The steps were quite simple and it allows you to create a menu so that you are able to play the movie or select scenes when you watch the DVD. It took a long 2 hours for the DVD to burn, maybe because it was like 90 minutes long! I was excited to watch the DVD on TV but after noticing that the video images were shaky, i was gutted. I’m not sure whether something went wrong in the video encoding process on Windows DVD Maker but i’m not at all satisfied with the DVD quality. So i’ll try to find another DVD burner to see if i can get a better video.

My first laptop

I bought my 1st laptop on Thursday the 12th of April. It is a Toshiba Dual Core 1.6Ghz, 80 Gig hard drive and 1024 RAM memory. It has Windows Vista Home Premium already installed and has 4 USB ports and 1 FireWire. So now i can transfer my videos from my Digital Camcorder and have some fun editing them.

I paid £540 for the laptop from PC World but could have got it for £500 with Dixons. Well Dixons is no longer a shop which has a physical store now, it is only an online thing and i just cant bear to wait for deliveries.

I also got myself a nice Wireless Modem Router along the way. It’s a Linksys router and i just love the whole wireless connection and the ability to be able to network my PC and my laptop wirelessly and share my broadband connection.