SPV M3100 Headphones converter

If like me you have the Orange SPV M3100 and you want to use normal headphones instead of the ones supplied with the mobile phone, you can buy a converter which will give you a standard earphone jack.

Here’s the link to the headphones converter:


The headphones jack on the SPV M3100 is a mini USB one which is multi-purpose; it allows you to connect to your PC/Laptop, listen to music through headphones that fits in it etc.

Snow in London

Last Thursday, it snowed across the UK. It was a couple of inches deep and i had a tough time walking to the train station. Fortunately the government manage to be on top on the bad weather forecast this time and transport was okay. A couple of weeks ago, there were really strong winds across the UK and there were no trains to come back home. It took me 3 hrs to find a way home by a combination of bus, tube and walking. Anyway, i’m glad this time it wasn’t so bad. The day it snowed, it was not too cold but recently i’ve noticed that it’s exceptionally chilly here in London. I hate the cold and i can’t wait for summer to come.