Lazy me!

I was supposed to start going to the gym 2 weeks ago but i never did. I’m not a fatso but i can see the effects of not exercising slowly manifesting within me. I just went to the loo and when i looked in the mirror, i could see a more promiment double chin. Not very sexy, eh?

There was a time when i was really fit but now it seems i’ve been too occupied with my hectic life that i’ve left my body to suffer. Funny thing about it is that i cannot even run to get my train in the morning (yeh i always get up late!!). Well not really cannot run but actually i find myself needing to stop and breathe more often that before.

I feel the need for me to exercise or do some sports. However i dont have time. I got to wake up 7.00-7.30am to go to work and i return back home at 7pm, all exhausted. Dont have any energy left to go to the gym then, do i? Weekends i prefer to sleep till late, cant blame myself, because i wake up early every morning for work. I think i’m finding too many excuses for my laziness.

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