Are crisps any good to our health?

Many people like eating crisps – whether at work, school, having a picnic, on the bus or anywhere else. These very handy snacks are very tasty to the mouth and soothing for the hungry stomach. But how good are they really to our overall health?

The British Heart Foundation has found that eating a packet of crisps a day is almost equivalent to pouring 5 litres of cooking oil down your throat every year. Now if that figure doesnt shock you, i dont know what will then?

So if you’re looking to lose weight, beware of those nice little snacks called crisps as they can be adding back again those calories that you spent so hard in the gym to lose!

Relocation – Removal Company or Van Hire?

After a successful two-stage interview, I managed to secure a job down South. So i needed to move all my stuffs before i started work and therefore started contacting all sorts of removal companies. What i found out was the larger the removal company, the more they charge you. Now i do not have many things – i’d say about 25 boxes which can be easily carried by a teenager, a TV set, a washing machine, two chairs and a few other little things. Therefore it was pretty basic stuffs – no furniture etc. I was quoted £975 to move these things from Manchester to London by a large removal company. I tried a few others and the least they quoted me was £700. I thought this must be a joke – c’mon it cant be that much for a small transit van and a driver! I looked for some smaller removal companies on the Internet and Yellow Pages and rang them. The cheapest quote that i got then was £375. This was getting better but is still a lot of money. After convincing one guy that me, my family and friends will also help to load/unload the van, i managed to get a quote for £325.

I was going to go with the last quote but i thought that if i could save more money with an alternative way, it will be better for me because i am going to need all the money that i can get when i start over in London. So i decided to enquire about Van Hire. I contacted Salford Van Hire and they said it was about £42 to rent a transit van for 24 hrs but i will then need to fill back the fuel tank when i returned the van. That seemed very appealing because the journey from Manchester to London is roughly 5 hrs, which there’s ample time to go and come back. Unfortunately i was not confident enough to drive the van and asked somebody else to drive it for me. It was the brother of my colleague/friend bash. I paid him £100 for driving down and returning the van, £73 for diesel (to fill back the fuel tank), £52 van hire and extra insurance. In total i paid £225! Therefore i made a massive saving of £100 and would have been able to made a further £100 saving if i drove the van myself.

I’m happy things went fine for me. But what i would like to say is that removal companies are expensive and should only be used if you dont have time to drive a van yourself or you are not confident enough to drive or want the reassurance for all your possessions. It is always easier to get a friend do it for you – after all that’s what friends are here for – to look out for each other 🙂