Electronic Circuitry

After my last unsuccessful attempt to build a Flashing LED Sweetheart, i was really upset that two and a half hours of hard work was wasted because of a silly mistake – creating a short circuit while soldering the pieces of the kit on the copper board. However i’m finding the excitement to build another of these electronic circuitry again today. I usually get the kits from Maplin store (http://www.maplin.co.uk) as they cost between £5 to £15 each. I’ve actually set my eyes on two starter kits. The first one (pictured above) is a Roulette kit and the second interesting one i’ve come across is the Running MicroBug kit. The roulette is fairly straightforward ie it picks a number at random. But the Running MicroBug is quite appealing as it crawls towards a light source. With two open chassis sub-miniature motors and a light sensitive device attached to its body, it is a very nice little gadjet to play with.

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