Programming Languages – What’s the trend?

As ASP.NET continues to manifest itself in the world of programming, more and more developers are moving away from Classic ASP coding to embrace the .NET framework. Of course there’s the tendency for people from a VB background to adopt the VB.NET language because of the smoother transition than going into C#.

PHP v5+ seems to bring about more flexibility and reliability and obviously those looking to work in an OO environment no longer need to stick to just C/C++/C# and Java as the newer versions of PHP are object oriented with better class definitions and much more.

Java continues to reign but faces severe competition with ASP.NET. The way that i see it, more people will go into ASP.NET(C#) and Java than PHP because the latter is mainly a web language while the other can also be used to develop stand-alone applications (Desktop).

So in the near future, we’ll see if developers want platform (Java) or language independent coding (.NET). Maybe now it’s too soon to take PHP as a serious rival to these two but who knows what might happen in the coming years!

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  1. Matz August 16, 2006 / 3:08 am

    Ruby is the future!

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