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We all got family all over the world (umm i think so!). And International Calling Cards are a cheap way to keep in touch with them. Is it really though? Not long ago – about 5 months back – i was using Sonic calling card to call my family in Mauritius and if i was to dial the local number, i would get about 240 mins. I’m not kidding, 4 hrs talking for just 5 pounds (£5).

Too good to be true? Well nowadays, Lycatel Ltd, company that supplies these calling cards, has decided to be even more generous. You buy a five-pounds Sonic calling card and you get either 6 or 7.5 pounds worth of calls. Huray!!! Not really – there’s always a catch in all too-good-to-be-true deals. What happens now is that when you buy a £5 calling card, you can actually make £6/7.5 worth of calls but the cost per minute has significantly increased. On the one that i usually buy, i get 120 minutes now which means that the call rates have doubled.

And that’s not just it, each time you call a destination number, you get charged a connection fee, a post call fee which is dependent on the duration of the call and on top of that a maintenance fee which is applicable daily from the first time you use the card. So if you had £2 left on your card and havent used it for a while, dont be surprised to see that you aint got any credits when you try to call.

Bottom line: Which international calling card is the best to use for Mauritius?

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  1. Anonymous Caller August 1, 2006 / 6:08 am

    What other cards are there? Is it not cheaper for people to call you from Mauritius?

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