Money money money

Life is not all about money yet we all seem to be running after it. No-one can say they dont need a lil bit extra money, ermm i think i’ll keep Bill Gates out! Yesterday i made $5.78 with adsense and this has been the largest amount i’ve ever made in a day so far. Today it was only $2.29. But even that it is still better than nothing or days when i’m just getting like $0.05. I think i need to take a break from it. Adsense is driving me crazy! Btw i havent progressed with my job hunt, i’ve decided to wait for the w/e now. Lazy me!

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  1. StockBroker July 28, 2006 / 2:07 pm

    My advice to you young man, take all the proceeds from your site and invest in Google. Soon enough, you will be very rich and famous.

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