My rusted guitar

Over the weekend i managed to play my guitar for some time – about half an hour – till my fingers got sore and i had to give it a break. I’ve been thinking of converting my accoustic guitar to electric for some time but i guess i aint got enough time to do that right now.

  • Laguitar

    hey, i’m looking for a bandmate to start a rock band.

  • archu

    arey since when do u play the guitar???^o) hmm news to me hehe neways good job 🙂

  • Laguitar

    I’m looking for someone who can play !

  • Directeur

    wots up wiv u guys?

  • Guitar Hero

    Rusty strings on your guitar?
    Ever tried using stainless steel barbwire?
    They are heavy duty.

  • Guitar Zero

    Of course. This is my secret tip for ya. Although, it’s a bit hard on the fingers, it can be a bit sore the first few months.

  • Gia

    Accoustic guitar sounds much better. Get the inspiration (the most difficult!) and practise regularly. I remember that I gave a friend all my nice tunes to play in his classical accoutic guitar. Awesome! Cheers.

  • Gia

    Thanks. Being a music critic, I follow the trend since years now. In fact, music is my passion 🙂

  • Jaya

    hey sis gia, give us the URL of some review of yours so we can check your reviews and maybe even review your reviews.

  • Gia

    Jaya, yes you can review my reviews! I first started to write on You can post comments to my reviews at:

    For the moment, I am a music critic on Most of my reviews are in their database. The latest one being the Dil Diya Hai Album. Check

    Comments are welcomed. You can also contact me via email for feedback.


  • Gia

    Writing is only a hobby for the moment. Most websites don’t pay writers but the selection to become a writer is tough.

  • madhvi..

    ^^haha..kul baboo..

  • Songwriter

    Hey Gia, have you written any pop tune in the key of X?

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